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About me

Thanks for checking out my website. I’m a graphic designer and online video producer with a sharp eye for detail and a knack for creativity.
My experience means I deliver fast and accurate results that exceed expectations. From captivating print pieces to engaging motion graphics, my expertise spans digital content to video and print production. I bring visions to life with my in depth skill set and unrivalled passion for graphic design and video production.

About my business

Because I work from a home office my overheads are extremely low. No office rent, admin staff or long lunches to pay for. And no travel time or car parks to worry about. That means you see way more of the money you spend in the job itself. I can quote jobs up front or work to an hourly rate, whichever works best for you. I’m not an agency but I can advise on using graphic design and video within a strategic framework.

About my studio

I use Mac computers running the latest OS. I have an Adobe CC account for all video and graphics applications and I develop online learning modules with Easy Generator. For realtime back-up and redundancy I have a Dropbox Professional account. Video proofing is done through my FrameIO account and for invoicing I use Xero.

Richard Graham | Freelance
Graphic Design | Online Video
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027 562 4446


Richard Graham | Freelance
Graphic Design | Video Content