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With the exponential growth in video consumed via the Internet (both social and owned media) traditional video production companies are not geared up to meet the demand for cost effective video at scale. They are in the business of producing high-end projects using big crews with even bigger budgets and time-frames stretching to weeks and even months.

SME businesses, Entrepreneurs and Public Sector Organisations may try to produce video content themselves but often find the quality, frequency and strategy patchy at best.

This is where Guerrilla Video comes in. With our ‘self-shoot’ production solution, we bridge the gap between big budget mega productions and poor quality in house efforts. It’s quality video at scale made simple. And affordable.

You’ll use your mobile phone with our add-on kit. We’ll make sure you, or key staff members have everything they need to film as often as they wish, whenever it’s most convenient. We’ll supply tips, tricks and ongoing feedback to help improve your video shooting skills as well as help mapping out the content of your upcoming videos and how best to use them to full effect.

Post production (after filming) is where the majority of in-house efforts struggle. Editing, picture & sound quality control, music, graphics, voice overs, final output files, the list goes on. It all requires high-end computers and software as well as skilled operators to bring it all together. Leave all that to us. We’ll make sure your projects are finished to a high standard in super quick time. We’ll make output files ready for you to download and post to your Website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram accounts, EDMs, you name it. You shoot. We edit. Job done!

Use your videos for your:

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LinkedIn profile
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Richard Graham
Production Manager
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